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HultMUN has participated in various prestigious conferences in which we had the opportunity to demonstrate our skills in diplomacy and debating. Throughout the years, we were able to bring home the following awards...

Regina Carbonell, ULMUN 2018

ULMUN 2018 Reginal Carbonell, Best Delegate Award


OXIMUN 2018 Bharath Agarwal, Best Delegate Luis Pazmiño, Commendation Award Yog Rajani, Honourable Mention


CUIMUN 2018 Alina Pfoehler, Honourable Mention Aitana Arriaga, Outstanding Delegate Award Dea Balaj, Honourable Mention Zachary Benetatos, Honourable Mention

Manuel Schüler, LSE 2019

LSE Crisis MUN 2019 Manuel Schüler, Best Delegate Award

LIMUN 2019

LIMUN 2019 Alina Pföhler, Diplomacy Award Luis Pazmiño, Diplomacy Award Manuel Schüler, Honourable Mention Hanns Niedermark, Honourable Mention Aitana Arriaga, Honourable Mention Zafar Sayfilloev, Honourable Mention

WarMUN 2021

WarMUN 2021 Ainhoa Comino, Runner-up Best Delegate Award


LIMUN 2022 Best Small Delegation in Europe Nicholas Aaftink, Most Improved Delegate Amy Ariza, Diplomacy Award Ainhoa Comino, Diplomacy Award Tom Kinast, Diplomacy Award

SMUN 2022

SMUN 2022 Sana Mohammed, Most Improved Delegate Ainhoa Comino, Honourable Mention Hema Dabbara, Most Improved Delegate


HultMUN Diego Torres, Honourable Mention

ULMUN 2022

ULMUN 2022 Peter Zakhar, Best Diplomat Alma Madureira, Most Improved Delegate

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