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HULTMUN is back!

10-12th November 2023

The 3rd Edition

The Hult Model United Nations (HultMUN) University Conference is back for 2023! The 3rd edition of HultMUN will take place in London between 10-12th (Friday to Sunday) November 2023. Attracting chairs and delegates from all over the United Kingdom, HultMUN acts as a platform to promote diversity and inclusivity.

In the last year, the second edition of HultMUN was held in person at the Hult Undergraduate Campus in London. It gave many delegates the opportunity to try something new while immersing themselves in the MUN community. This year, we intend to build on the second edition of  HultMUN's success to make everyone's experience a lifetime memory.

Embracing an Ever-Changing World: Diplomacy for Adaptation

Since creation, the United Nations’ role has been to preserve the values of multilateralism and international cooperation outlined in the UN Charter and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Diplomacy has been and still is the bedrock foundation on which numerous international affairs and political matters have flourished into societal and global progress. Yet, the future of the world is becoming increasingly riddled with global crises that may have impossible irreversible changes.

Global issues such as geopolitical tensions and humanitarian and migratory crises have necessitated collective global attention and action. We must then ensure we ask critical questions, reflecting and reacting to the world around us. Now more than ever, the connections between capitalism, oppression and inequality are visible within resource access globally. 

As we continue to develop and innovate in our fast-changing world, we struggle to understand that, as the global overuse of resources increases, we cannot disregard the environmental consequences that our actions entail, nor the implications they have on developing countries.


At the moment, resource accessibility, availability and allocation act as a main impediment for global societal progress. Whilst developed countries exploit their supplies and lose sight of production rates, the evolvement of developing nations is obstructed by their resource dependency on fellow populations.


We must guarantee that we do not merely demand more from our member states, but also international systems that govern us. These demands may seem like a daunting task and it’s easy for us to become desensitized to the countless calamities and crises globally, now where does one begin? 


At HultMUN 2023, you will cooperate with your fellow delegates to challenge the dilemmas of progress. Through the use of multilateral decision-making and diplomacy, you will defy decade-old systems of inequalities and question the hegemony we hold, with the purpose of achieving peaceful resolutions to conflicts among nations, giving all countries opportunities for uniformed development.

HultMUN23 Delegates Applications are now open! 

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